Tong Xiaoxin

Name: Tong Xiaoxin 童小芯
Date of Birth: Nov 13
About: Tong Xiaoxin 童小芯 is a Hani people 哈尼族, one of 56 ethnic group who live in mainly in the southwestern province of Yunnan, scattered across the Ailao Mountains between the Mekong River and the Red River. Tong Xiaoxin lives in Kunming, Yunnan and her hometown is from Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture 红河哈尼族彝族自治州 - an autonomous prefecture of Yunnan Province, China. So what made Tong Xiaoxin popular?

She has a pure face, and plump 34F breasts, recently she uploaded some self-shot photo of her daily life, these photos according to the results of the latest identification, they should not be modified, thus making her microblogging was followed by more and more netizens. She not only is called Hani family flower, or even caused hot discussions in the Japanese netizens. 


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